URIARTE SAFYBOX launches a new generation of multi metering panel with its model SafyBox SMS (Smart Metering System)

It is a modular insulating system for housing electronic meters compatible with telemanagement and smart grids, also known as Smart Grid and Smart Metering.



The Safybox SMS System is an important innovation compared to the traditional multi meter panels that was leading the market up to now.

In addition to adapting to the sizes and needs of the new electronic meters that will be installed in the coming years, these new Uriarte SafyBox columns have reduced their weight by 30% and their volume by 40% with the consequent reduction in waste generation. With respect to nature, its materials are recyclable and non-toxic, adapting at all times to the European policy on environmental impact.



(Reduction of 52% from the total installation time compared to the traditional metering panel system) Along with features such as robustness and resistance, in the design of SafyBox SMS all the elements that allow a simple as possible installation have been taken into consideration.

The constant innovation results in the following improvements:

  • Lateral fixings that facilitate installation onto the wall and the union of columns with each other.
  • Less weight and volume makes it much more manageable and easier to store and transport.
  • Easy and quick connection of the main switch disconnector.
  • Quick fixing of the meter and its subsequent handling thanks to the folding covers that facilitate the access with a simple operation.
  • The modularity in the alignment of the columns is another of the particularities that features the SafyBox SMS System, allowing a wide diversity of configurations



Same as with the rest of Uriarte Safybox's products, the new multi meter panel system has been designed with the utmost attention to safety both in its installation and in any subsequent manipulation by technical maintenance, and even foreseeing some situations of incorrect use . Among them, it stands out:

  • Protection degree of IP-4X
  • Maximum safety EcoBuc IP-3X fuse holder, which safeguards from electric shock by protecting from electrical live parts when there is direct contact and also when it is indirect with mass accidentally placed under voltage.
  • Robustness: IK-10
  • Self-extinguishing: Glow wire at 960º



Compliance with UNE-EN 6439 Regulations and the Particular Rules of the Electrical Utilities.

Qualification tests carried out and passed in an external laboratory.