URIARTE SAFYBOX manufactures all charging equipment for electric vehicles. We have a wide range for every need and we provide solutions to all possible charging scenarios:

  • Smart Charging posts.
  • Single family homes.
  • Plubic and private garage plots.
  • Fleet electrolines.
  • Outdoors or indoors payment parking.
  • Panel metering for secundary meters.



These equipments are constantly evolving. This is why we collaborate closely at national and European working groups for the development of new products and charging systems. We also work side by side with all the Spanish Electrical utilities for the development of the Regulations.



In our facilities, we manufacture boxes and cabinets, and we design and assemble the electrical components that go inside.

In this way we are able to adapt to your requirements and offer charging equipment with different features that meet your needs: charge payment by card, by mobile, different types and number of connectors, locking sytems, sizes, IP / IK degrees,.. Our catalogue only shows some general examples so do not hesitate to ask us  about the possibility of manufacturing what you really need.



We vinyl the cabinets to make them more attractive and we have different designs and colours.



The enclosure (box / cabinet) provides a protected space for the charging equipment. In the near future and in constant evolution, the features of these assemblies will change.

With our products you can keep "the housing" and adapt its interior according to the changes of the components: connectors, charging speeds, payment forms, etc.

This way your charging unit, its installation and maintenance will be much more economic.



European regulations clearly differentiate the responsibility of the manufacturer of the enclosure and  of the Switchgear Assembly manufacter. Remember that if an accident occurs, it is essential to know who has manufactured the product.

Uriarte Safybox is the manufacturer of the enclosure and it is also the manufacturer of the Switchgear Assembly.

If an accident occurs, it is essential to know who has manufactured the product to be able to ask for liabilities.



Complying with UNE-EN 6439 Regulations and the Particular Rules of the electrical utilities.

Qualification tests carried out and passed in an external laboratory.