Why Uriarte Safybox?

1.- We are specialized in the design and manufacture of high quality products in order to meet our clients’ highest standards.

We have the highest variety of enclosures in the market, not only do we provide the market standard products, such as CA (polyester boxes), BRES (polyester enclosures), APM (polyester enclosures for walls), ART (polyester enclosures with cover…), but also underground installation equipment such as the CADI range (polyester hatches that can substitute concrete and metallic manhole covers).

4.- We pride ourselves in our industrial relations, trust and friendliness towards our clients.

We’ve achieved a Price-quality ratio in which our clients are completely satisfied. We develop formative webinars with our distributors where we assist them at a marketing level to create their catalogue and website. Above all, our priority will always be to establish an excellent relationship with our clients which supports the exchange of information in order to provide the final client with the best assistance. Our motto “safety by design” represents small details that makes us different and distinguish us from other providers.

2.- Through our innovative productive system, we have the capacity to deliver our products at a highly reduced lead time, fulfilling every compromise with our clients.

We have three manufacturing plants at the ready throughout the European Union, which allows us to undertake larger projects, by scaling our production to meet our clients’ necessities.
For larger projects, we have incorporated several CNC hubs, as well as expanded our stock.
Quick, convenient, tailored, and above all, economic.

5.- Quality and security

Through its market awareness, Uriarte Safybox has been able to conclude that the top priority for its professional clients involves quality and security, you don’t fool around with that. Since the start of the development of electrical enclosures, the best materials have been applied; fiberglass-reinforced polyester, which is impact resistant, anticorrosive, self-extinguishing, non-conductive and non-meltable. Nothing to with the old metal and plastic boxes.
Ever since, our priority has been to adjust to the most demanding standards in a wide range of certifications and tests verified by prestigious laboratories and electric companies.

3.- Our technical sales department will guide you through the entire turnkey process including customization, manufacture, shipping in the accorded time.

In Uriarte Safybox, we adapt to our clients necessities offering on-demand boxes and cabinets which may be customized in detail. Not only can we achieve an accurate machining which fulfills any client’s tolerances but we can additionally imprint logos on the enclosures. Just like a tattoo. Forget about those annoying stickers that may deteriorate and peel off!
Once the design has been approved, our automatic system will begin with the assembly process, which will machine and drill any shape and size all over the enclosure.
We’ll adapt our machining to your necessities:
  • Cabling
  • Coupling
  • Keypads
  • Peephole
  • Measuring equipment
  • Displays
  • Locks
Send us your requirements and we’ll find the best option for you!


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