PV Solar Power

PV Solar Power

URIARTE SAFYBOX offers a totally customized solution to satisfy the most demanding requirements of any photovoltaic installation.

(Combiner boxes and Re-combiner boxes, cabinets for inverters, boxes for metering and protection, distribution boxes, Monitoring cabinets, boxes for solar trackers ...)

All assemblies have been designed for a nominal voltage of 1500Vdc and fuses of up to 30A for the protection of each branch of solar panels. The intensity of main disconnecting switch can vary depending on the voltage of the installation and the intensity of the fuse.

Our BOX Strings Combiner are designed to join multiple solar branches and monitor large photovoltaic generators.

Designed to withstand the most severe external environmental exposure:


  • IP 66 enclosure reinforced with fiberglass
  • Superior components for high quality and performance.
  • Communication Interface MODBUS RS485
  • Voltage and cell temperature measuring module
  • Overvoltage protection device class I or I + II for 1500Vdc
  • gPV cylindrical fuses, both positive and negative
  • 1500Vdc DC isolation switch
  • MC4 connector rated for 1100V or IP65 cable
  • Air Vents up to IP68