SafyBox BRES

SafyBox BRES

Our range of monobloc electrical cabinets. Manufactured with fiberglass-reinforced polyester (GRP enclosure).

All our enclosures boast a wide range of accessories, allowing them to adapt to your necessities.
Characteristics of the SAFYBOX-BRES electrical box:

  • Composed of a monobloc body and a door, both made with fiberglass-reinforced polyester (GRP / SMC). Comes in RAL 7035 light gray.
  • The hinged door includes a keyed lock, and there are options to include a UV-stabilized transparent window.
  • IP66 resistance against water and IK-10 resistance against impact.
  • Wide variety of accessories: modular chassis, plinths, windows, locking systems, cable glands, wall brackets, air vents, etc.

Innovation and added value:

  • Wide range of sizes with 8 different models of electrical cabinets.
  • They may be installed individually or connected through coupling flanges with other enclosures to form electrical panels.
  • Flexibility: Easy to customize and create entries/exits for cabling through machining, making the enclosures adaptable to your needs. However, our facilities are equipped with machinery that can do this part of the job for you quickly, clean, and economically.
  • Double insulation: thanks to the double insulation of the mounting holes, any electrical equipment or control panel will remain completely isolated from the exterior. This helps prevent any accidents and guarantees electrical security.
  • Maximum watertightness: other enclosures in the market need to be DRILLED in order to be mounted to a wall, which creates the risk of losing their watertightness. Our enclosures include a system of water ducts which isolate the drilling area with the rest of the equipment, which allows for a worry-free installation that will not compromise the cabinet’s IP66 resistance. We also include any necessary screws for the installation.
  • Non-metallic hinges: polyamide door hinges prevent any corrosion and rust. They offer an easy, TOOL-FREE assembly, which will allow you to remove them as many times as you need, and will help you work on the cabinet and the cover separately. Moreover, since this hinge system is flexible and will be hidden inside the enclosure, it will help prevent damages to the door. Every Safybox hinge allows for an opening of up to 180º.
  • Securing fasteners: the doors have the option to install up to 3 or 4 fasteners. These fasteners allow the non-metallic hinge system to work along the rubber gasket, creating pressure between the door and the cabinet, further sealing the enclosure, and guaranteeing the IP66 protection. The rubber gasket is made with injected polyurethane, which can resist temperatures between -30ºC and 85ºC.
  • Standard double bar locks: 90º quarter-turn standard locks. They have the option to fasten a wire in order to seal the enclosure. Moreover, they are completely metal-free and are easy to replace.
  • Optional triple lock: some enclosures have the option to install a triple lock system, as well as an option to place another external lock. The doors include a zig-zag design that runs throughout their internal perimeter, providing them with increased mechanical resistance and reducing deformations caused by temperature changes. Measurements inside the enclosure are pre-marked, making any installation more convenient.
  • Patented system that prevents deformation of the door and allows the enclosures to be mounted to a wall or placed on the floor through a plinth.
  • Rainproof top: these enclosures have been designed with a roof that protects them from rain.

Benefits of the materials:

  • The reinforced thermoset polyester with which they are manufactured is the best insulating material available in the market. It’s ideal for the most aggressive environments.
  • Thanks to its self-extinguishing properties, this material will stop any flames from spreading. Since polyester is a thermosetting material, it will not deform when faced with overheating or fire. In contrast, thermoplastics may melt, will deteriorate quicker and will spread fires.
  • Non-conductive material: unlike metallic enclosures, polyester poses no risk of shocking when being handled.
  • Easy maintenance: these enclosures are ideal for outdoors usage since they are designed to endure in the most aggressive environments. Their material is made of hydrophobic materials and they are UV-stabilized, allowing for optimal performance between 70º and -30º.
  • They are completely free of toxic materials and heavy metals, completely fulfilling with European Regulations against dangerous substances.