Términos y condiciones


The following conditions apply to all received orders, and to all general sales performed by URIARTE SAFYBOX, Co., unless other conditions are agreed upon.



Our rates may be modified at any time, which would be notified by sending a new Budget.


We ask that all orders be placed, preferably, through email. A confirmation email will be sent back in order to confirm the purchase, and if no reply is received within 72 hours, we’ll start manufacturing the order. The delivery term starts once manufacturing begins.


All orders that are placed as delivered duty paid, will be shipped by whichever method URIARTE SAFYBOX Co. chooses. Any other transportation method will be supplied by the buyer.

Under currently established regulations, all claims of damage on the transported materials must be made within 24 hours of their delivery, unless the damage is clearly visible at the time of delivery, in which case the claim must be made immediately upon delivery. If any of the conditions are not met, or once transportation has been paid, no claims of damaged merchandise upon delivery will be accepted by URAIRTE SAFYBOX, Co.

Payment method

All agreed conditions will be made in accordance with Regulation 15/2010. Deliveries will not be postponed due to vacations, inventory, etc.


Any dispute resulting directly or indirectly from the subjects disclosed here, or from any other subjects, will be subjected to the Judges and Tribunals of Bilbao, rejecting any other jurisdictions.

Reservation of title

URIARTE SAFYBOX, Co. reserves the right to withhold the sold property until the buyer has completely paid it in full.


Quality is a vital element when developing any product at URIARTE SAFYBOX Co., where not only is it in the established processes, but it is embedded in the attitude of its entire human team. That’s why we work with UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard and can adapt to the regulations of other countries by obtaining the necessary certifications prior to their distribution.

Lastly, we can guarantee that all products manufactured by URIARTE SAFYBOX Co. fulfill international regulation IEC-62208, which compiles electrical resistance tests, as well as IP and IK ratings, among others.


General conditions

The technical warranty of URIARTE SAFYBOX on our products, according to conformity statement attached, IEC 62208 (Empty enclosures for Low Voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies), only apply for those products fully manufactured on our group of factories at URIARTE SAFYBOX:

  • The subsequent customization of the products cancels all the warranty.
  • This warranty agreement will only affect the direct purchaser of URIARTE SAFYBOX products. It cannot be applied to other customers along the supply chain.
  • Regarding replacement claims for damaged or faulty products, only the actual product concerning the claim will be replaced, not the full expedition.
  • Any claim reports on URIARTE SAFYBOX products either done by the direct customer buyer or either under the responsibility of a third party with a subsequent sanction should be discussed and agreed beforehand with URIARTE SAFYBOX SA at all times.

Faulties with warranty

URIARTE SAFYBOX commits to mend any working fault related to structure, raw materials or design issues. Except cases where the fault appears:

  • Raw materials and/or material supplied by the client.
  • Special design requested and demanded by the client.
  • The fixing or maintenance of products made by third non-authorized by URIARTE SAFYBOX.
  • Not suitable storing or lack of respect towards the handling of products
  • Any other incident whose origin cannot be directly related to URIARTE SAFYBOX (transport / logistic issues)

Also excluded

The warranty will be also cancelled by incidents such us:

  • Random and overwhelming force cases
  • Spare part or repairs after being worn out
  • Any damage or incidents provoked by negligence, lack of surveillance and/or repairs, and/or start up and/or standard use of these products.

Guarantee start and validity

The contractual guarantee will only be applied to those cases of detected faults across a two year-period, from the date of invoice of the product. The spare parts have one-year full warranty guarantee from the date of replacement on the same term as conditions as for the original products.
This provision doesn’t apply for other parts whose guarantee period has been extended to the
same period when the products had been fixed assets.

Customer obligations

The benefit from the guarantee, the customer must notify URIARTE SAFYBOX without delay and in writing about the faults of the equipment and provide all the information related to the incident. The customer will allow URIARTE SAFYBOX to proceed with the faults in order to correct the defects and will not perform any reparation by himself or made by third parties (unless otherwise agreed) at risk of losing the benefit of the contractual guarantee.

Particularities of the warranty application

URIARTE SAFYBOX reserves the right to modify the devices in their products so that our agreements can be respected. The operations are carried out in our plant after the shipping of the faulty pieces or products.

In case other materials have been installed by the client or a misuse of its technical specification, the transport costs of the goods or the faulty pieces or the goods return or the repaired or replaced pieces will go in charge of the client.

In case the reparation must be carried out on site, the travel expenses and accommodation will also be paid by the client. The replaced pieces inside the warranty frame will belong to URIARTE SAFYBOX

Scope of the guarantee

URIARTE SAFYBOX Will only be held responsible for replacing the goods excluding any type of compensation, especially due to consequential or immaterial damages such us (non-exhaustive) operating loss, contract loss or loss of profits/production


The repairs do not involve any other guarantee except for the here stated in these general conditions. The client will therefore not be able to claim any compensation in case of fixed assets of the material as a consequence of the guarantee implementation.

Product returns

The sales returns must be authorized by URIARTE SAFYBOX. The refund application must be notified in writing. In case they are accepted, our company will send a return authorization report (ID) which needs be attached to the expedition. Any return must meet the minimum requirements, otherwise it won’t be accepted and will be rejected.

  • The delivery note and/or invoice number should appear
  • The goods and quantities shall be solely those ones laid in the ID
  • The material shipment will be carriage paid
  • All the products must be received in our store with their original packaging in perfect condition and included in our current rate, meaning fit for sale