At URIARTE SAFYBOX we adapt to the needs of your projects, offering boxes and cabinets o custom polyester on demand, down to the last detail.

We do everything you need in any of our cabinets and boxes, fully adapting to your needs so that you can reduce management and production costs.

We offer various degrees of customization, choose the one that best suits your needs.




Let us know your needs and we will configure a customized solution in the closet or polyester box, sending you a 3D technical drawing of the envelope with all the required cuts and machining.

Once the design is approved, we process the envelope with our robotic system, performing tasks drilling and machining of all types, sizes and shapes both on the sides of the body and on the closet door:

  • Cable entry and exit
  • Joints between envelopes
  • Buttons
  • Sight glasses
  • Measuring equipment
  • Displays
  • Closures
  • Etc.


In addition, this will also avoid your staff performing the machining works manually with the following consequences:

  • Complaints of skin irritation due to fibreglass
  • Inaccuracies
  • Economically ineficient
  • Time spent in each enclosure




We develop products for multiple sectors: Electricity, water, gas, telecommunications or solar; offering both the machining of the body and the covers for the placement of switches or buttons.

Cable entries and exits machining for cable glands instalations.

Designed to withstand the most severe external environmental exposure.




CNC punching machines are automated machines with which by means of special tools it is possible to achieve cuts and make holes in base plates obtaining a certain figure.

We carry out multiple varied drilling designs required by customers, no matter how complicated it may be, we manage to make perfect gures with the rotation of about 360 ° of the punch and the speed changes of the tool.

Its high automaticity, high precision and efficiency, stable performance, safety and reliability make the product 100% quality, providing magnicent results.


Punzonado de poliester o metal

Poinçonnage polyester ou metal



Apart from the mechanized system we have the latest generation of the engraving system that allows us to mark with laser directly in the envelope.

Laser marking machines are perfect for quick engravings, high quality and excellent results.

As if it were a tattoo. Forget labels and stickers that deteriorate and they come off voluntarily or involuntarily.

What can you record?

  • Company logo
  • Bidi / QR code
  • Corporate image

We adapt to the needs of the laser engraving that you want to carry out





Modular enclosures and boxes allow joints to larger panels, we produce connecting anges that maintain the degree of protection to protect your equipment.

The enclosure grows horizontally and vertically.




Your project will be ready, fast, comfortable, customized and above all inexpensive.

If you are interested in customizing the design of the polyester boxes or cabinets, fill out the following form and we will contact you with a proposal.

The delivery of the project will be pending to consult deadlines.