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In Uriarte Safybox S.A. We manufacture Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester Cabinets and Boxes since 1972. We are a multinational holding company with production plants in Spain, Poland and Portugal with a production capacity of more than 10,000 ENCLOSURES per day and presence and certifications in more than 70 countries of the 5 continents Our clients include companies such as Iberdrola, Endesa, ENEL, EDF, EON, EDP, Movistar, France Telecom, Canal de Isabel II, Aguas de Barcelona or Naturgy, Adif, Petrobras, SNCF, Amsterdam Metro, SNEF, SMA, AENA, Network Rail, ...


Armario BRES mecanizado
  • If you want to work directly with the enclosure manufacturer and not with third parties
  • If you need advise on the ip rating, quality and assurances required for your industry
  • If you have constant delivery issues with your current suppliers
  • If the price you normally get stop you from being competitive in the industry
  • If you require proffessional 3D models and/or manual instructions
  • If you are not given the technical support required from your current suppliers
  • If your current supplier do not adapt (customize) the cabinets and boxes to your specific needs or do not customize them with your logo.

Manufacturing ENCLOSURES

  • We are proven experts in the manufacture of non-metallic enclosures, dominating the compression of Thermosetting and injection of Polycarbonates, ABS and plastics
  • We use the best software for the design and development of products that allows us to carry out simulations to reach the best final product result, innovating permanently
  • We apply the best techniques of Costs and manufacturing times to achieve the best market prices and adjusted delivery times
  • We produce BRES, ART, APM and DIN cabinets, CA and SMS boxes and CADI underground enclosures. All our products can be supplied empty, customized or fully equipped for the Electricity, Water, Gas, Telecommunications, Renewable Energy and Infrastructure sectors
  • Approved and certified enclosures to international standards according to the IEC Standard
  • A wide range of accessories that suits your needs and zero metallic elements: stop to corrosion!
Armario BRES custom
Armario BRES custom

Thinking about the equipment you want to protect

  • We drill & machine the enclosure to your specification and customize your enclosure by laser engraving. Saving you time and money.
  • We have the solution to protect your equipment in the most demanding industries and aggressive environments.
  • Your complete Turnkey Project with the advice of our engineering and R + D + I department.
  • We provide you with all the necessary documentation for your project.
  • From an end user friendly perspective, always thinking about the professional and the installer: modularity, ease of assembly, safety, reliability, warranty, documentation and proactively adapting our enclosure solutions to the customer needs, in essence: customizing the product to facilitate the work of the end user always.