Quality & Security

Uriarte Safybox has developed a thorough understanding of the standard and priorities demanded by its market. For the professionals who work in this market, quality means security. And we don’t mess around with that.

Since development began for a cabinet that could be applied to the electrical industry, the safest material was chosen: fiberglass-reinforced polyester. This material shows excellent resistance to impacts and corrosion, it isolates electricity, and will resist fire due to its self-extinguishing and anti-melting capabilities. Such properties cannot be found in metallic or plastic boxes.

Ever since, we have prioritized adapting to the highest quality standards of every country we have worked with. Thanks to this, we possess a wide range of verified certifications and tests from several prestigious labs and electrical companies.

Thanks to our experience offering products at industries such as electricity, water, gas, telecommunications, renewable energies, construction, and subterranean structures, we have learned to work with complex and dynamic processes. Our clients are also able to specify any type of customization to meet their needs, whether it be interior, exterior, or completely outfitting their system. Such diversity allows us to constantly review and improve our processes in order to assure our clients that Uriarte Safybox guarantees Quality and Security.

Characteristics that provide Quality and Security

At Safybox, we value the safety of our boxes above all. That is why we design them with every small detail in mind.


IEC62208 and ICE60429

We meticulously satisfy regulations IEC62208 and IEC60429 in every one of our materials (polycarbonate protection shrouds, cabling, terminals, stainless screws, locks, peepholes, mounting pieces, DIN rails, fuse holder bases BUC).


Enjoyable products

We believe that quality and security also involve ease of assembly and use. Seeking to make our products as enjoyable as possible for our end users, we have designed them with simplicity in mind.


Stepped doors

Thanks to our tiered design, our doors offer IK10 protection against impacts and vandalism.


Ribbed design

The interior of our boxes features a ribbed design, providing them with rigidity. This allows them to be attached to wet concrete and not compromise the mechanism of their door.


Electrical insulation

With a superior width compared to competitors, our products are able to withstand insulation tests above 1500Vdc.


Metal-free build

We make completely metal-free products in order to avoid corrosion. In contrast, many of our competitors make use of metallic hinges, which break easily.


Designed in pieces

Our larger cabinets come disassembled, allowing cheaper shipping. And still, assembly barely requires the use of 20 screws.


Round peepholes

Round peepholes are better at distributing pressure, which stops water from entering. In other cases, square peepholes are secured by tiny screws that tend to rust in just a few months..


Springless locks

Springless quarter-turn locks that will not deteriorate. Other competitors tend to use springs in their locks, which tend to weaken with time, potentially breaking the mechanism.

Why Uriarte Safybox?