Calidad y Seguridad

Uriarte SafyBox is a company very aware of what are its markets and for what uses it designs and manufactures its products. In these markets and for the professionals who work in them, Quality is Safety. With that, we do not play.

DSince its inception, developing cabinets for electrical applications sought the safest material: fiberglass reinforced polyester. A material very resistant to impact, anti-corrosion, self-extinguishing (does not spread the flame), does not conduct electricity and does not melt in case of fire. Nothing to do with the old plastic or metal boxes.

Since then, our priority has been to comply with the most stringent quality standards in all the countries in which we work. For this reason, we have a vast catalog of certifications, tests, tests and homologations endorsed by prestigious laboratories and by the Electric Companies themselves.

The evolution of our range of solutions for sectors as diverse and dynamic as electricity, water, gas, telecommunications, renewable energy, civil works, and underground infrastructures has led us to participate in complex processes since our product range includes assemblies. fully equipped or customized internally and externally depending on the customer's requirements. This diversity does not allow us to lower our guard and keeps us in a permanent process of review and continuous improvement so that we can assure our customers, large and small, that working with Uriarte Safybox is a guarantee of Quality and Safety.

Characteristics that give Quality and provide Security

In Safybox we value above all the Safety of our boxes and cabinets and for this we design them with small details that help the end user.


Standards IEC62208 and ICE60429

We scrupulously comply with the IEC62208 and ICE60429 standards, in all our materials (polycarbonate protective veils, wiring, terminals, stainless fasteners, locks, peepholes, brackets, DIN rails, BUC fuse holders).


Products to enjoy

We also believe that the ease of assembly and use is part of the Quality and Safety and that is why we think of how it is extremely simple for our customers to enjoy the product.


Stepped doors

The doors are designed with steps that provide maximum resistance to impact IK10 or blows of vandalism.


Ribbed areas

The bodies or boxes have ribbed areas in such a way that when they are embedded in the wet cement wall they fully resist the pressure and the doors close perfectly.


Electrical isolation

The cabinets have a thickness superior to the competition, allowing to overcome electrical insulation tests above 1500Vdc.


Without metal parts

We totally avoid the use of metal parts to avoid corrosion, competitors use hinges that bind the door badly and its fragility is high.


Design by pieces

Walk-in cabinets designed for parts that save on transport costs, in addition to a simple assembly for electrical installers of just 20 screws.


Round inspection windows

Round inspection windows that do not break as they press around the circumference avoiding the entry of water, you've probably noticed that the square windows have tiny little screws that rust and break in a few months.


Locks without springs

Quarter-turn locks without springs, they do not deteriorate, The competitors use locks with springs that over time end up yielding and spoiling the locks.

¿Por qué Uriarte Safybox?