New solutions demand us to develop special equipment for renewable energies, electric vehicle charging units, photovoltaic, where polyester enclosures are key in the protection of the equipment.

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  • Civil Work

    Our polyester boxes are approved and authorized by companies such as AENA in Spain, which use them throughout their network of airports. They are used to protect current transformers

  • Water

    We have mainly adapted our APM and ART boxes and cabinets for the Water Industry, in addition to developing other models of boxes and cabinets specific to that demand. We do a stainless steel chassis for water meters or polyester boxes with the size you need for irrigation. We are developing control panels for pumping stations and irrigation.

    The main features are:


    • Enclosures made of polyester reinforced with hot-molded glass fiber, light gray RAL-7035.
    • With good resistance to chemical agents, corrosion and UV light.
    • New design of the door, which gives great impact resistance, with other manufacturers design doors are easily deformed.
    • By an internal ventilation system condensation is reduced.
    • With degree of protection IP-43 according to IEC 62208 standard.
    • Self-extinguishing material, Glow wire to 960º according to UNE 20672
    • Door opening at 180º Tamper proof hinges
  • Manhole Covers

    Thanks to a modular system of 4 or 2 sides, we can manufacture custom-made boxes for installation in the subsoil, used generally for underground cable and fiber optic distribution. Some clients also use them for water treatment and sewage. (Important: The lid is not included). Telefonica Movistar uses them for telecommunications. ADIF, the railway company also uses them in their telecommunications and EMASA to install their water meters.

  • Site Electrical

    Boxes and electrical cabinets for temporary work or if you prefer definitive frames, we offer several options and qualities to prepare a complete solution from panels with 2 bases 2P + N + T to 7 bases 3P + N + T, 16A, 32A or 63A




    • Gray hot-pressed polyester insulating cabinet RAL-7035
    • With degree of protection IP-66 according to UNE 20324 and IK-10 according to standard UNE-EN-50102.
    • Opening of the door 180º



    • Emergency stop pushbutton.
    • Internal protection plate for automatic, thermal and breakers
    • Exterior door with 2 locking points, one with lock and key.



    • External mounting brackets maintaining the degree of protection.
    • IP-67 cable gland for all cable connections.
    • Transportation handle.



    • Electric diagram.
    • Certificate of conformity.
  • PV Solar Power

    URIARTE SAFYBOX offers a totally customized solution to satisfy the most demanding requirements of any photovoltaic installation.

    (Combiner boxes and Re-combiner boxes, cabinets for inverters, boxes for metering and protection, distribution boxes, Monitoring cabinets, boxes for solar trackers ...)

    All assemblies have been designed for a nominal voltage of 1500Vdc and fuses of up to 30A for the protection of each branch of solar panels. The intensity of main disconnecting switch can vary depending on the voltage of the installation and the intensity of the fuse.

    Our BOX Strings Combiner are designed to join multiple solar branches and monitor large photovoltaic generators.

    Designed to withstand the most severe external environmental exposure:


    • IP 66 enclosure reinforced with fiberglass
    • Superior components for high quality and performance.
    • Communication Interface MODBUS RS485
    • Voltage and cell temperature measuring module
    • Overvoltage protection device class I or I + II for 1500Vdc
    • gPV cylindrical fuses, both positive and negative
    • 1500Vdc DC isolation switch
    • MC4 connector rated for 1100V or IP65 cable
    • Air Vents up to IP68
  • Gas

    Cabinets for housing of metering and gaz management equipment for gas installations, both G.L.P. as GAS NATURAL. Its installation is easy and fast,flush or surface mounting, both indoors and outdoors. There are no metal parts, so that corrosion problems are totally eliminated. Likewise, they can be placed next to other units of the same design for electrical and water connections.

  • Registry Doors

    Metal doors for enclosures of niches for underground connections, according to the ITC-BT-13 of the REBT. Manufactured in galvanized steel sheet and finished off in RAL-7035. To facilitate internal ventilation, the doors have grills pre-machined in the door, as well as identification of electrical hazard. It has a triangular locking system with the possibility of fixing a padlock (under demand we can manufacture with the cylinder lock of the different utilities).

  • Telecommunications

    Boxes and cabinets for telecommunications in polyester for interconnection in residential and industrial estates marked with the logo of the different telecommunication companies. Enclosure choices for main and secondary records. Data registry, up to 600 pairs, Network boxes, service and accessories.

    General features


    • Fiberglass reinforced polyester cabinets, hot-molded light gray color RAL-7035 unalterable in the open air
    • Self-extinguishing material, Glow wire to 960º according to UNE 20672
    • Degree of protection IP-66 models BRES and CA and IK-10.
    • Degree of protection IP-43 models APM and ART and IK-10.
    • Ease of movement due to its reduced weight.
    • Extreme temperatures of use: -30º and + 85º
    • Material easily machinable.
    • With great resistance to chemical and corrosive environments, to impact and to UV light.
    • Door opening at 180º
  • Electric vehicle

    Equipment for charging electric vehicles in private garages and single-family homes, private collective garages (public car parks), we also have enclosure units for multiple charging of electric vehicles in private garages (with / without secondary meter for reading the supply + overvoltage protection to allow restarting of the supply).

    Centralized charging units for secondary meters to read the individual consumption of each of the owners.